Dino Wells “When the Bell Rings” journey continues (click here to watch)

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Filmmaker Brad Bores did an excellent job capturing Dino's transformational journey as a father and boxer.  The question remains can we learn from the heartache of Dino's past from child abuse to crime, reconnecting with his family, his children, loss of a child and re-connecting with the love of his life.  How did Dino survive?  How does he stay on the right path?  How is he coping with the death of his child? His life has been a roller coaster of pain, doubt, and hope.  Can Dino himself learn from his own journey and become the fighter he has always wanted to be or will his demons win this final fight?  Coming Soon:  Part Two.  Leave comment if you wish to receive updates on the status of this next project.

Visit the documentary channel to watch full episode.

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