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Go Indie TV has a Web Series for your liking!  From the mafia, martial arts to Dracula we have the right one for you.   The Mamaluke, Wise Hit, Bad Business, The Real Drakoolavs, Johnny Dynamo and more!

If you have a Web Series, Webisode that you would like for Go Indie TV to air on Go Indie TV, GITV Roku or on their sister site: https://goindietv.vids.io/  please contact us:  http://goindietv.net/contact/

A sitcom pilot about a not-so-typical Italian-American family from Brooklyn. Lou, the father, lives his life purporting to be Mafioso, much to the chagrin of his wise-cracking wife, Marie. Toss in two grown, combative children, and a psychotic live-in mother in-law, and you have “agita” smothered in laughs and Parmesan cheese! Watch The Mamaluke

Bruce Lee and Mel Brooks took on pulp fiction in contemporary Shanghai. A popular independent Web series shot in Shanghai, China Comedy has never been this dangerous! Watch Wise Hit


In the late 80's, Robert Pierce Mitchell was known around the world as JOHNNY DYNAMO, television's toughest cop. He was, by far, the biggest television star of the decade and his gritty portrayal as a NYC Detective garnered him countless awards, fans and celebrity. He was the toast of Hollywood – UNTIL find out by watching Johnny Dynamo

Today, Extra-terrestrials, continue to secretly live among the human race here on Earth. Working to steer humans in a direction that will ensure that they will transmute to their full psychic and kinetic potential, our Guides are on a deadline: the Galactic Alignment of 2012.   Watch Guides

The series is about a vampire family, the Drakoolavs, who have found refuge and settled down in a quiet neighborhood in Los Angeles. Despite having escaped vampire hunters in Romania, the family still lives an aggressive vampire lifestyle, drinking human blood. The Drakoolavs is preparing for a major life event; the training of the youngest member of their clan, Mila, in the art of preying on humans. The family orchestrates a hook up with a young man named Alex, leaving Mila to lure him back to the Drakoolavs home where she must attack him and drink his blood. But instead, when the moment comes to feed, Mila falls for Alex beginning a series humorous problems and complications.  Watch The Real Drakoolavs


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