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New York Women in Film & Television

Second Annual Online Short Film Festival


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+ Top performers

Grand Prize Winner:

"Scratch This" 

Written & Directed

By  Jody Lauren Miller 


1st place: “Momtress”  by Liz Samuel

2nd place:  “Soul Candy”  by Jennifer Rapaport

Honorable Mentions:

“Open House” by Analisa Robertson submitted by Malinda Logan

“A Royal Caper” by Jaclyn A Powell

“#LoveMyRoomie” by Yha Mourhia Wright

"Momtress" was featured on Cheddar News:  Watch Here: https://cheddar.com/videos/female-filmmakers-are-ushering-in-a-new-wave-of-indie-shorts


1st Place:  “Curse of War” by Abdul Malik Abbott submitted by Phillipa Davis

2nd Place:  “The Disenchantment of a Young Adult & Wild Child by Hannah Roze

3rd Place:  

Honorable Mentions:

“Sand Castle” by Tina Fine

"Take Me Home Tonight"  by Kelly Wray

“My Sun Sets to Rise Again” by Dana Offenbach

“Creative Block”  by Nicola Rose

“Paris Blues In Harlem” by Nadhege Ptah

“ American Online”  by Alexa Wynter

“The Basis of Intimacy” by Gaia Visnar (Victoria Spadaccini)

“When Tomorrow Comes” by Barbara Desmond

“My Best Friend’s Husband’s Funeral by Whitney Uland

“In the Night, Facing Sun by Xuezi Zhang

“Beyond Our Mountains” by Madeline Johnson


1st Place:  "Scratch This" by Laura Dowling Shea & and Director Jody Lauren Miller

2nd Place:  “Catcalling Virgin” by Beata Harju submitted by Hanna Hemila

3rd Place tie:  “Constance Cooks” by Rosalie Tenseth  &

"Her Shorts Rape Culture" by Rachel Bloom submitted byFiona Hillery

Honorable Mentions:

“No More Mrs. Weiss”  by Magda Katz

“In Black & White” by Dana Verde

“Cart” by Tiffany Laufer

"Blue Balls" by Leah Faye Caddigan & Meredith Metcalf

“The Friend Zone” by Writer/Director Chelsea Roach/Writer Dorie Casper and submitted by Jenny Paul

“Idle Worship” by Writer Alex Estrada/Director Samantha Saltzman and submitted Jenny Paul

“Time Consuming” by Stephanie Stender

“Rhonda Mitchell M.D.” by Carolyn Pierre Outlar

“Addie & Addy” by Adenike Thomas

“BBF” by Megan MacPhee


1st Place:  “Cannoli, Traditions Around the Table by Andrea Cordaro

2nd Place:  “Ebb Tide” by Vivian Rivas

3rd Place: “Three Roads to my Daughter: Rasha, Basmah, and Reyhab” by Lauren Anders Brown

Honorable Mentions:

“Monty” by Margaret Metzger

“Dirty Roses” by Petra Terzi (aka Stone)

“The New Land Grab”  by Sylvia Gail Kinard

“Never Stop Moving” by Jamie de Roy & James Berry

“Journey Without A Map” by Jill Woodward

“Before David” by Melissa Saucedo

“Sweet Soul in Exile” by Tyler A Chase

“Flying on the Wings of Time” by Teresa Mular


1st place:  “ The Call From The Sea” by Taylor McNulty

2nd place:  “ Sonnet #153” by Jill Salvino

Honorable Mentions:

“Silver Sirens”  by Lauren Nova

“Lies People Tell” by Jill Salvino

“Bijoux (The Nebulae) by Nan Avant

“Sonnet # 74” by Jill Salvino


1st place:  “Lilith’s Song” by Julia Aldana

2nd place:  “E.ro.sion, noun” by Catriona Rubenis-Stevens & Tammy McNeill and submitted by member Isabella Olaguera

Honorable Mentions:

“Common Structure” by Anne Hollowday

“Sea Child” by Marina Shron


1st place:  "Switch" by Stavroula Toska

2nd place:  "Come On In" by Jody Lauren Miller

Honorable Mentions:

"Trayvia" by Tonya McCornell

“Guilty” by Frederica “Drica” Armstrong

“Out To Lunch” by Cleo Handler

“The Soothing System” by Sarah Cronk


SCRATCH THIS Official Poster

Congratulations to "Momtress" who is the most talked about winner of the NYWIFT Online Short Film Festival.

"Momtress" featured on Cheddar News

Outstanding Performers

Stavroula Toska


Ronnie Graham

"Curse of War"


Stavroula Toska was born and raised in Greece and moved to the States to pursue an acting career.  She is the creator, star, writer and director of SWITCH, a scripted drama series based on her years of working as a dominatrix in New York City. The mind blowing season 1 of SWITCH stars Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis, Emmy winner Cady McClain and is available exclusively at www.switchtheseries.com.

Her other works and collaborations include her multi award winning directorial debut, Beneath the Olive Tree - a feature documentary narrated by Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis, IN THE VICE - a short film she directed based on true events and written by Katerina Grishakova, PRONOIA - a thriller she produced that is currently being developed into a feature written by Nick Efteriades, Livin' the Dream - a comedic web series she produced with Kim and Mai Spurlock, and The Sounding - a feature film she Executive Produced and which has won over two dozen awards in the festival circuit. The Sounding will be released in November 2018.

Stavroula is currently writing her memoir and developing a number of projects under her The Toska Matrix umbrella including a reality series, season 2 of SWITCH and a scripted series about boxing, among others.

She currently serves on the board of directors for the Hellenic Film Society, she is the NYC Events Director for Film Fatales, a proud feminist and advocate for women's equal rights.



RONALD GRAHAM  Born in Brooklyn NY and raised in between NYC, Trinidad and TX.   Ronnie’s love of the arts stems from his elementary school trips to operas and Broadway performances. For a brief part of his childhood, Ronnie lived in Sangre Grande, Trinidad with his grandmother.  He attributes a lot of his creative mindset to his early exposure to Nature and spiritual upbringing.  His theater education started at Lee College in Baytown TX. After three years and 14 stage productions, Ronnie earned a Theater degree. In 2004 Ronnie jumped into the commercial and modeling industry in Orlando, FL and appeared in numerous commercials, print ads, stage productions and independent films. In 2011 he decided to take his talents to NYC and continues to explore multiple areas of the film industry by working in production, collaborating with other creatives, performing voiceover work and dabbling in comedy. Ronald is also currently working as a statistical researcher and developing some theories related to his experiences in the casino gaming industry. His latest endeavors on the film front include a series of small projects that focus on music, courage, forgiveness and social awareness.  He is grateful to his friends and family for their love and support and would like to thank all those involved throughout the journey of Curse of War for making this film one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.


Liz Samuel


Jen Ponton

Come On In

Zoe Margaret Colletti

Lucy In The Sky

Manasi Rachh

My Sun Sets to Rise Again

jen ponton

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January/February 2019


Panel:  Gregg Cannizzaro:

Born and raised in NYC, Gregg has a hand in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television & internet streaming video.  Gregg was the producer/sketch comedy director for E! Entertainment Television's Emmy-Award winning hit series, Talk Soup, one of the longest running shows on the network to date. Gregg is also a cinematographer and director, known for Get a Job, Hanging in Hedo and Behind the Grind.

Cannizzaro serves as Executive Producer of the World Supermodel Productions  in addition to being the WSP USA national director and Executive Producer. Mr. Cannizzaro as recently formed Zagaro Filmed Entertainment with indie film director/writer Annette Alicanti. Zagaro will serve as the creative arm for the soon to debut GITV Original films series. GITV commending a impressive library of over 1000 hours of diverse indie, classic and mainstream programming is branching out into original television programming.

Cami Ciotta:

In 2010 Cami started as a promoter for Independent Artists :  she was able to grab the attention of a popular drummer magazine and she had Joey Barnes featured, also obtained some radio plays, and open a few doors for some possibilities of a record label. She grabbed the attention of an award-winning producer who had produced for Bon Jovi and other successful bands.   Prey Pictures brought her on board as Executive Producer to promote and find funding for their feature film “The Roaming”. (seeking:  $1,250,000)  She was able to bring on board entertainment attorney William Whitacre.

July 2011:

Cami was Vice President of Development for Moon Lake Films.  “Murder in America-the Sarah Cherry Story” aired January 2012 on the Documentary channel.

By 2013 Gregg Cannizzaro and Cami Ciotta began creating their own platform to promote Independent Artists.  Go Indie TV is by invitation only.  All content is screened by Cami for high production value and creativity.

2018:  Cami Ciotta also seeks filmmakers for Total Stream Media Independent Roku Channels.

We held a screening opportunity with two age groups to assist on choosing this year's winners of the NYWIFT Online Shorts Film Festival :  15-20 year's of age and 25-60 year's of age.   It was important for us to receive input from the general public.

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Thank you so much Ms Ciotta, I will try what you have suggested.  we are so impressed with your courtesy and eagerness to make sure your clients are satisfied, it is wonderful to experience, in today's world.

Thank you so much, Cami. And, thank you, Georgina for reviewing my film. I am so thrilled that you not only completely understood my short film, but that it touched you and made you think. This is our mission as film makers and I couldn't be happier.

Hi Cami, thank you very much for advertising my name and film !

My first pitch went well last Sunday and the company requested to read the new screenplay which I am polishing since then and sending to Joey asap. Thank you again to you and your team!

Hi Cami, just wanted to let you know that yesterday I completed my last 2 movie pitches and it went well. I have been pitching a screenplay that I wrote 20 years ago 🙂 and got it requested by 2 companies and will continue shopping it around.



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