S.W.A.T. TV Show Now & Then

2017 First look at the new TV Series
CLips from 1975 Season 2 S.W.A.T. series
A closer look at Steve Forrest who played in crime shows like S.W.A.T
A closer look at Shemar Moore "Hondo" S.W.A.T. 2017
S.W.A.T. TV Series 2017 intro NOW
S.W.A.T. 1975 TV Series intro back THEN

Last Thursday (November 9th) I was having one of those days where nothing was going right.  I made a post on social media “Thank the Lord Shemar Moore is on tonight” after explaining my excitement for the second episode of S.W.A.T. and having people ask who is Shemar and what is S.W.A.T., I looked for links that I could refer to my clueless friends.

I found some of the reviews of S.W.A.T. to be lame and decided I needed to explain what the TV show S.W.A.T. is all about.

I will have to admit that I had no memory of the ABC cop show “S.W.A.T” that premiered in 1975.  Though, it is of no surprise that CBS was bringing back a TV series from the past.

The past 10- 20 years television has fallen apart and a matter of fact the whole entertainment industry is suffering.   I am disappointed in the entire system.

Let us discuss movies:  Who is tired of seeing the same ole, same ole?  Same actors, Same producers, same style of writing, same style of directing and one sequel after another.  Apparently, we have no way of thinking outside the box and the industry is too closed minded to open to new uprising actors, writers, producers and directors.  A lucky few will make it into the industry only if they know somebody within the industry.

TV:  Talk shows and Reality have taken over and then we have the weird shows on Showtime & HBO that are decent then they gross you out with all the creepy sex scenes.  (Annoying as hell).

I will be honest, I do not watch much TV and that is because I do not have a lot of time, but I do enjoy watching some TV before heading off to bed.  A constant in my life has been the Bold and the Beautiful (great entertainment in 18 minutes) Criminal Minds and I enjoy, Bachelor, HGTV, and America’s Got Talent. I get my news through The Daily Show- as I need to hear about our tragic society in a comical way.

I once enjoyed Supernatural but then I had to do too much thinking!

Thank goodness for Amazon and Netflix and their original programming.  Finally, someone is bringing creativity and new talent back to the family rooms.  There is one problem- poor internet. I simply do not take the time to sign into my Netflix channel and wait for my programming to load- so I apparently have missed out on some great stuff like “Stranger Things”

But finally, I have a show that I can watch from day one and look forward to weekly!  S.W.A.T.

Since I have been so honest through all of this, I will admit I only started watching because of Shemar Moore.  Shemar Moore has been a constant in my life.  I remember his first day on Young and the Restless, with his good looks, charming smile, and strong acting skills I was hooked!  He just had the “It” factor and I from that day forward would always have an interest in his career.

I nervously watched S.W.A.T. (hoping it wasn’t going to be the same ole same ole – like every other crime show out there) Of course, I would continue to watch so I can see my “Shemar” but I wanted more than that I wanted to be excited about something “different”.

Thank you, Shawn Ryan, Aaron Rahsaan and yes Shemar Moore for bringing something different.   How is it different?  Here is my list:

  1. Topic/Storyline: in a subtle way the show highlights on current issues that are affecting our society. Topics that many people avoid discussing but the show can help people feel comfortable in discussing. BRILLIANT!   I really hope this is the foundation of the series.
  2. I believe the show is going to also reveal the difficulties that African Americans can have in a White society. I hope I am right!
  3. TV show that has a feature film feel!
  4. I am hoping the show has a continued storyline! (Like a soap-opera) A lot of shows have stand alone episodes- I want a story to follow, a story I will invest in, a story to learn from, a story that I become emotionally involved with.   I feel S.W.A.T. will allow us the viewers to become emotionally involved with the characters and with a continued story throughout each episode.
  5. Action packed – a nice combination- nice flow (Great Cast)
  6.  It is about damn time Shemar Moore has a leading role!

Watch on CBS Thursday Nights and visit Go Indie TV to see highlights, interviews and comparison between the 70’s and now!