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FASHION ART BEAUTY = FAB TV: Trailers, Events, Shorts, Series: Here on Go Indie TV we are more than an event at which collections of newly designed clothing are modeled for an audience. We actually help produce the World Super Model Pageant, and our former Go Indie TV founder is a Fashion Guru herself (Erica Santos) whom you can find her very popular TV series here on Go Indie TV Roku. Explore the world of Fashion Beauty and Art with us through our amazing shows.


Artful Living with Romi Cortier is a new hybrid reality show.
The show will be co-created with Red Carpet Recio Productions, Recio’s newly launched production company. The concept for the show is an upscale reality show that’s hopefully drama free, with a focus on the arts and interior design. Imagine Huell Howser’s California gold combined with Paris Hilton and her cute little dog. Cue Romi and Coco walking into Lalique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills having a conversation with their manager about what it took to bring one of their finer pieces to market. Or having a private tour at LACMA or MOCA, discussing the latest acquisition to their collection. Or better yet, how about a trip to a thrift store looking for a few lost gems to add to a newly styled room. I want to help my viewers develop their eye to better appreciate the beautiful things around us.


The World Supermodel production is an international competition for models aged between 20-30yrs and was created to find out who are the next leading World Supermodels regardless of their marital status

This choreographed show reveals the world’s latest fashions and leading designers from each Delegate whilst showcasing and promoting their Country’s culture and lifestyle to the rest of the world in an honest and fair competition - but more importantly, it's an opportunity to discover the world's most outstanding individuals whilst providing them a platform for international achievement and national recognition

World Supermodel provides a magnificent opportunity for young ambitious women to put themselves into the national and international spotlight to be identified and applauded for being talented, articulate, fit and healthy. Which we believe are just some of the key qualities of the modern woman and deserved to be promoted and encouraged. Go Indie TV has partnered with the World Supermodel Production Company which will bring you amazing location shoots, fashion shows, and classy competitions. Be sure to stay tuned!

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