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Our Approach

Our Approach

Go Indie TV's approach is simple.  We provide entertainment by bringing you unique and creative artist, who's video is of high quality production value.  We accept the video(s) on a non-exclusive deal and promote their work online and on our GITV Film & TV Roku Channel. We air a limited amount of videos so our Artist's shows are not lost in the shuffle as they easily are on sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Our Story

Our Story

Our story begins a few years back when the band Daughtry became successful.  Cami Ciotta attended some concerts and quickly became a fan of the drummer Joey Barnes.  He was also an inspiring song writer and singer and she jumped on board promoting his talent.  She was able to grab the attention of a popular drummer & entertainment magazine and She had Joey Barnes featured,  she also obtained some radio plays, and open a few doors for some possibilities of a record label and she even grabbed the attention of an award winning entertainment producer who had produced for Bon Jovi and other successful bands. Though at that time Joey decided to go with the direction his manager was taking him, so her focus shifted to film entertainment world. She saw the work of actor Owen Miller and she was intrigued by his talent.  Prey Pictures brought her on board as Executive Producer to promote and find funding for their feature film “The Roaming” starring Owen Miller. (seeking:  $1,250,000)  She was able to bring on board entertainment attorney William Whitacre.

July 2011:

Cami was hired as Vice President of Development for Moon Lake Films.  “Murder in America-the Sarah Cherry Story” will aired January 2012 on the Documentary channel.  She assisted on the development with two other projects.  “Carnie” a TV reality show and “Tommy’s Boy” a documentary about a professional boxing trainer Tommy Gallagher (“Contender”) and his fighter Gabriel Bracero. Cami brought on board actor, writer, director Paul Borghese to direct both “Carnie” and “Tommy’s Boy”.  She also brought on board as consultants for “Carnie”:  Daniel Knauf (creator of Carnivale’), Gregg Cannizzaro  (Talk Soup), and Kevin Morra (Diary of a Carny).  Unfortunately these projects did not move forward.

September 2012:

Cami developed relationships during her time of learning the ins and the outs of the entertainment business and eventually was asked by Gregg Cannizzaro (award winning producer for Talk Soup) to join their team as creative consultant for their upcoming project “Go Indie Tv” that will launch in 2013.


Go Indie TV started as a website and in 2014 they created a channel on Roku 2019.  They were not happy with their website and re-vamped a new website in 2016 along with adding channels on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.  After a little over a year they still were not satisfied with their website.  Go Indie TV wants the best web entertainment experience for their viewers.  Cami decided to create her own website.  Go Indie TV is a family business that works closely with their audience.  She has learned over the years what they like and do not like.  She took all of that into consideration and reconstructed the new Go Indie TV.


We also partnered with following entertainment companies:

World Supermodel Productions

Bongo Boy






Go Indie TV has partnered with Total Stream Media and is providing Artist/Companies with a large library (over 25 videos) their own dedicated/exclusive ROKU channel.  We will create, maintain, and provide advertising partnership along with revenue share opportunities. 

Meet the Team

gregg online 1

Gregg Cannizzaro

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in NYC, Gregg has a hand in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, television & internet streaming video.  Gregg was the producer/sketch comedy director for E! Entertainment Television's Emmy-Award winning hit series, Talk Soup, one of the longest running shows on the network to date.

paula online

Paula Schwartz-Cannizzaro


Producer, Writer, Production Manager!

Paula started her career at E! Entertainment Television developing and producing E!'s Original Specials, where she wrote and produced a variety of the network's one-hour specials before she was asked to launch the daily series Celebrity Homes.  Her work as Producer/Writer of the hit daily series earned her and the show an Emmy Nomination!

me picture

Cami Ciotta


I got your back!  You are an Artist and want to submit then I am your person.  You have a problem or question - Yep! You guessed it.

 I am your person!

I hope to hear from you!

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