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"Where you can be a shining star, no matter who you are!" Executive Producer: Ronnie James Producer: Adrieanna Marie

Ronnie James, Has been Producing Hit Television shows for the Last 20 years. His New Network Television show, is Called, Hot Rock TV Country Rock check it out at by clicking the “Hot Rock TV” below. The Music Video show is a Nielsen Rated Television show on The Galaxy Global Television Network & Go Indie TV. The Crew from Hot Rock TV -will be on the road, with the Tour Bus - looking for new talent, Singer's/Dancer's/Bands. For more information on How to get on the show Contact- Ronnie at- Send your DVD'S to (PO Box 546522 Surfside Fl. 33154) Check Out the New Advanced Multivitamin for the Entertainment Industry! ( You Can Put The Zing! Back in Your Zing! Zang!! and the Tang! In Your Tang! Tang!! With Rock Star AdVanced Multivitamins! Do It Today! at


Bongo Boy Records the independent record label that released 60’s teen idol Mark Lindsay (former lead singer of Paul Revere & The Raiders) latest Rock n’ Roll album, the brand new album by The New Jersey Super group The Satisfactors and the popular Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume series with distribution in Asia just to name a few. Bongo Boy Records is the most active growing label in New Jersey. The roster is open to all genres. The label started in 2010 by Grammy member/Songwriter/producer Gar Francis and musicologist/TV producer Monique Grimme to create a power house for independent artist world wide.
In 2011 this power team launched a TV show series which features a platform to showcase and promote Independent artists on regular Television. In May of 2014 their production house Bongo Boy TV changed its format of The Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show Series to feature Indie Music Videos from around the World. In 2015 the show is now on 54 TV channels including Channel 9 in Nashville, 5 Channels in New York City and many across the USA; Bongo Boy TV is filling the void that MTV once dominated many say. TV Distribution is with 11 Cable Companies like NBCUniversal Comcast, Time Warner ect. The show series is also available on other popular platforms like Go Indie TV Roku Channel and also on Vimeo.   Be sure to check out some of the videos by clicking on the below link:  "Bongo Boy"


Contact Cami Ciotta at to submit your Music Video for consideration.



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