• Our mission is to provide a cultural alternative to the commercial film, documentary, music, DIY and family entertainment experience, and to celebrate and promote the artistic elements of the independently produced short program medium and related ones, to nurture and promote the art of filmmaking itself.
  • Our “quick fix" formula is designed for today's “short attention span" audience, presenting original independent productions in comedy, short film, drama, music, kids entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and cooking, amongst several other audience-captivating categories.
  • Go Indie TV has identified and targeted an essential piece of the current online
  • Video demand: consumers are thirsty for professionally produced, independent HD streaming video. In creating an unique indie television cyber-network, Go Indie TV has built a unique stage for the online video movement.
  • Click on each category to the right such as "Action", "Animation", "Comedy", "Drama" etc. to see a sampling of our programming.  To view all our content please visit our Go Indie TV Channel featured on Roku, Amazon, or Apple TV.

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