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Welcome! New York Women In Film & TV.  Go Indie TV is excited to be a part of this exciting Online Short Festival.  Be sure to check out our NYWIFT page for more details and be sure to visit us on December 15th through February 1st to see the winning selection. 

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Go Indie TV independent film channel is for every indie programming lover. Enjoy long and short-form dramas, comedies, web series, animation, free music videos and more from contemporary, international, and domestic producers and directors. Go Indie TV’s mission is to bring the world of underground independent film and television programming to the international arena.

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Filmmakers Wanted

Go Indie TV is currently open for submissions to air on our website, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and soon to be on our updated Roku Channel.  Go Indie TV is now supplying content for Channel 11 Miami and Channel 21 Houston.  We will notify you if and when your content has been approved to air.  Go Indie TV is also excited for our Artists as we now offer those with a library of content to have an exclusive/dedicated Roku channel for their content alone.  The Artist will receive 20% of ad revenue.

If you have not been invited to submit your work, then please feel free to submit your work for consideration. For $60.00 we will air your work on all Go Indie TV platforms plus submit to our partners for an opportunity to earn a revenue generated from ads.

Please email Cami Ciotta at cami@goindie.tv for more information.



What Are People Saying?

Once again, Thank you so very much for going the extra mile for us, we really do appreciate your kindness and professionalism that you have shown us, and it is only that reason why we are going to sign up with your company through Roku.

Thank you so much Ms Ciotta, I will try what you have suggested.  we are so impressed with your courtesy and eagerness to make sure your clients are satisfied, it is wonderful to experience, in today's world.

Thank you so much, Cami. And, thank you, Georgina for reviewing my film. I am so thrilled that you not only completely understood my short film, but that it touched you and made you think. This is our mission as film makers and I couldn't be happier.

Hi Cami, thank you very much for advertising my name and film !

My first pitch went well last Sunday and the company requested to read the new screenplay which I am polishing since then and sending to Joey asap. Thank you again to you and your team!

Hi Cami, just wanted to let you know that yesterday I completed my last 2 movie pitches and it went well. I have been pitching a screenplay that I wrote 20 years ago 🙂 and got it requested by 2 companies and will continue shopping it around.



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Mission Statement

Our mission is to bring our subscribers, guests, fans and short attention theater cyber surfers- a variety of niche streaming alternative& independently produced programming harvested from around the indie universe. An Indie cyber cafe is what we fancy ourselves on at Go Indie TV. We cover everything from world cinema, conceptual and experimental visionary films, original “in house webisodes, Edu-Series, to kid’s movies, cartoons, anime, fashion, alternative music, motor sport and unusual classic cinema from our vault.

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